Note to Media: THIS is Plus-sized.

Today on Facebook, I had the good fortune to come across this link which shows celebrity photos before and after Photoshop.

(did that make a link? I’m such a tech dummy. Just copy and paste it…don’t be lazy.)

It’s amazing to think that someone decided to SLIM DOWN EVA LONGORIA’S WAIST! Seriously? She’s a double zero! Some photo editor felt the need to make her even thinner? This article aimed to make us “real women” feel better about ourselves because even the celebrities aren’t perfect. I’ll admit, I did feel better until I saw this photo that the Today Show posted.

Model Robyn Lawley's swimwear line, launched this week, is part of a burgeoning trend in suits for larger women.

They said this “plus-sized model” was “making waves” with these photos. They are great pics, no one can deny her that, but “Plus-sized?!” What about this lovely model is plus-sized? Her big hair, maybe. If I saw this gal in real life, I’d call her thin, below average weight, slender, and FIIIIIIIIIIIINE! I’d then walk away from her feeling like a squishy-fatty and swear off of carbs for the zillionth time.


I’m so sick of this shit.

I’m so tired of feeling like a blubbery whale when the Victoria’s Secret “Angels” runway show airs. I never watch it, but just knowing that it is on drives me to starve myself and attempt to do crunches.

I’m so tired of willingly allowing myself to be manipulated by the media. I’m smarter than this! I may not be able to create a link in my blog, but I swear I’m smart!

I’m so tired of cringing at my naked self in the mirror. There are stretch marks, cellulite dimples, and places that “hang down” in a less than flattering way. It’s a thousand wonders my husband still fancies me naked–yet, for some reason, he does. Shouldn’t that be enough?

I’m so sick and fucking tired of crying in the dressing room because the size I got was too small… I mean really, when did a size 14 become so damn narrow?! Someone zip me up into this fruit roll-up of a dress!!

I’ve  mistakenly allowed my self worth to become tangled up in my size somehow. I’m constantly checking out other women and mentally comparing myself to them to see if I’m smaller or larger than they. This is really unhealthy, and not something I want to pass down to my daughter. She is already head and shoulders above all of the other girls her age, so she’ll already be dealing with that issue; why add fat to the flames? (raise your hand if you thought that was “punny.”)

My obsession with my looks has got to stop. Isn’t this the second blog this month devoted completely to superficial shit?

I need to stop obsessing, or channel the obsession constructively and actually lose weight.

To what end, though?

Let’s say that I do lose weight and get really slender. Then what?

Will I be nicer, smarter, more important, a better wife and mom, and be suddenly happier then I’ve ever been?

I doubt it.

I can remember years ago being thinner and thinking I was fat!
Apparenty, it’s a neverending story, minus the luckdragon, of course.

I suppose if that hottie of a model is labeled “plus-sized,” and doesn’t mind, (especially since that’s a downright lie) then I shouldn’t mind the moniker either.

So, for that reason, I’ll share another photo from my aforementioned boudoir shoot.

Look closely, Today Show. THIS is plus-sized.


Emily Ann Hill photography.


About sharonthemezzo

Sharon Edwards, a born performer, hoarder of books, pursuer of the highest callings of humanity, and librarian in training resides in rural Tennessee with her home-brewing husband and two beautiful kids. She can be seen, mostly heard, in various community theater productions.

5 responses to “Note to Media: THIS is Plus-sized.

  1. deweydecimalsbutler

    I agree with you 100%. That model is in no way “plus-sized.” It’s really easy to get all bent out of shape about one’s gravitational pull number, but I’ve found I’m happier focusing on being “healthier” instead of skinnier. It’s a very different mindset and can be much more easily achieved. And, as you said, “skinny” never seems to be actually achieved. It always eludes us.

  2. Great great post! I always hated my body. When I began to restrict food, I thought I would be happy with my weight. However, it is never enough! Skinny won’t be skinny enough ever! Anyway, thank you for such a great post!

  3. Sexxxy! I could get in a lot of trouble if I commented more, so I better stop there. Wowza.

  4. Ann Tucker-Gwinn

    Wow. I guess I must be “plus-sized” too, now that I’ve seen your photo. I didn’t even realize. I tend to think of plus-sized as those who need to shop in that special department in the basement at Macy’s. Personally, I think you look great.

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